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East West Tech is promoted by 4 equal partners. The promoters have successfully built businesses globally with operations in over 70 countries. The group strongly believes in partnerships -- with business relationships going back for over 30 years. The management team at East West has also developed and built several businesses and has a strong background in Education with a focus on deployment of Technology in the Education sector . The team has worked with educational institutes / partners / clients in India, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, United Kingdom and Europe.

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    One of the leading education companies in Japan, Gakken Educational since 1946 has practised and believed in the philosophy -- "To teach" and “To foster”. With a focus on individual communication and support to students, the Gakken Group gives shape to “desire to learn” which everyone has in mind. Gakken is well renowned for programs in Mathematics and Science for children based on the principles of experiential learning and observation and reflection. In response to the current needs, and by making sure to thoroughly understand both the fundamental basics and current trends in education, Gakken develops the motivation for learning, the zest for living and imagination, abilities, and to foster any possible abilities and creativeness in children in Japan and around the globe.


    Wizlearn Technologies is a leading e-learning solutions company in Singapore which has been in educational sector since 2000.
    Wizlearn has developed for Education a platform for delivery and creation of content, assessment and other administrative tools for the efficient management of the learning needs. It has also developed lessons, learning objects and other learning material, which span all subjects in the K 12 space in English, and is also developing the same in Chinese. Wizlearn provides its educational platform, multimedia content, training and professional services to over 200 schools, institutions and corporates in Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia and Brunei. Wizlearn Technologies is in a unique position to deliver cost-effective learning solutions and to support IT-infused teaching, collaborative learning, formative assessments and the mobile learning needs of its clients. Its versatile educational platform has over 100 e-learning and administrative tools that allow for customisation to any user's teaching and learning requirements


    Logical Steps with offices in the United States, Singapore and India creates thoughtful Digital Experiences, platforms and products that create value and are built around the User Experience. Platforms in Education are for formal delivery of content and management as well as a unique Informal Learning platform. The Informal Learning platform is a Web based, SMART Design platform for the quick assembly or authoring of material with the ability to embed audio and video which can be viewed on any device such as a Smart Phone, Tablet or PC format. It is supported at the back end with features such as a Library, methods to socialize the created material with ability to forward via mail, text messaging (SMS and Social Media Chat), post to various popular social media platforms.