Software is broadly for teaching / learning / for effective feedback and administration purposes. The team at East West and associates have experience in successfully implementing and deploying e learning solutions / software deployed in over 1000 educational institutions.

For all the routine matters of administration East West brings you software solutions which are simple, intuitive and hence easy to use.
East West also brings you over 20,000 Learning Objects of content, powerful platforms for delivering the content and assessment of student comprehension and performance with a view to ensure the student has a sense of fulfilment of potential. Tools for faculty to create content and deliver the same. Deep analytics ensure that students get individualised feedback and personalised attention.

'apps' make it possible to individualize for everyone

Howard Gardner

Experiential Learning

To get a student to experience a Law of Physics or any concept -- ensures students build core skills for the 21st century. The Ability to OBSERVE, EXPLORE and REFLECT.

At East West we believe that education is not limited to the classroom and books. With some leading partners -- East West brings Learning to the student in a fun and participative environment. All designed to fully engage the student in a game -- with a very strong pedagogical core. We believe -- "To enjoy what YOU learn" - is to ensure knowledge

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn."

Benjamin Franklin